PLC2 Training Format

Free One-Day FPGA/MPSoC-based Technical Seminar

Our free one-day PLC2 seminars give developers, team leaders and company management staff a comprehensive insight into the numerous possibilities surrounding the use of programmable technologies.
Our competent instructors convey even difficult facts and contexts to you in an easily understandable way, while being present on site. Individual questions and problems can be identified.

Seminar in a Nutshell

One day on-site free event with a technical focus

We bring our knowledge to your region giving everybody the opportunity to learn from the experts.

Identify added value for your products

Engineering and management will learn what extra value FPGAs can bring to your new products.

Making complex technology understandable

Our competent instructors convey difficult facts and context to you in an easily understandable way.

Interactive and productive

We make it tailored to your needs, answer individual questions, and help solve your identified problems.

Upcoming Seminars

Course Format Category Location Duration Date

Circuit Synthesis with VHDL

SE (Seminar)

Programming Languages


1 day

Oct 15, 2024


FPGA HDL VHDL HDL Language Description Hardware FPGA Programmable Logic Synthese Implementierung bit Bitstream

Circuit Simulation with VHDL

SE (Seminar)

Programming Languages


1 day

May 22, 2024


FPGA HDL VHDL HDL Language Verification Hardware FPGA Programmable Logic Simulation

Circuit Simulation with VHDL

SE (Seminar)

Programming Languages

Frankfurt / Main

1 day

Nov 13, 2024


FPGA HDL VHDL HDL Language Verification Hardware FPGA Programmable Logic Simulation

Kria for the Software Developer

SE (Seminar)

Embedded for AMD (Adaptive) SoCs & MPSoCs

1 day

all year on request


SoM Acceleration Vitis tool flow Zynq MPSoC Software C

FPGA Circuit Design Technique

SE (Seminar)

Tools & Methodology


1 day

Sep 25, 2024


FPGA Clock Domain Crossing Flip Flop Architecture LUT BRAM Ressources CDC XDC reset Takt clock FPGA Architektur Schaltungsentwurf Schaltung IP Core

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How can we help?



01. Can you help me with reserving the room?

If you need a room for a face-to-face course, please contact us. We will support you in choosing suitable accommodation.

02. What times in the day do courses start and end?

Our face-to-face courses start daily at 9 a.m. (CET/CEST) and end at 5 p.m., with two coffee breaks and an extended lunch break. The total course time per day is 6 hours. For online courses, the start is also at 9 a.m. (CET/CEST), but they end at 2:30 p.m.. The total course time per day is 4 and a half hours plus breaks.

03. Are course materials provided?

All participants of paid courses will receive English training materials in electronic or paper form.

04. Will I receive a course certificate?

Each participant of a paid PLC2 course will receive a signed certificate of attendance at the end of the course.

05. Can I pay with Training Credits (TCs)?

Of course, you can also pay for your training using your available TCs (Training Credits). We will then invoice AMD directly. If you do not have sufficient credit for the booked training, the difference can be paid for with an additional payment. The additional charge will be invoiced directly to you.

06. What are the options for payment?

You can pay us via bank transfer or with TCs (Training Credits). Unfortunately, payment via debit, credit card, or PayPal is not possible.

07. What is the deadline for payment?

Payment is due 14 days after the invoice date, without deduction. Please transfer the amount within that time.

08. What are the options for cancelling?

You can cancel free of charge up to 14 days before the course starts. If you have to cancel at short notice due to illness or other reasons, you have the option of adding a substitute participant or of making up the course at a later date (within 6 months).

09. When will I receive a firm commitment as to whether the course will take place?

You will receive binding confirmation 7 days before the course begins as to whether it will go ahead.

10. How many participants are required for a course to be given/what is the minimum number of participants?

We generally offer courses for 5 or more people. That means that if you would like to book a course at your premises, you need 5 people to register or need to pay the amount for 5 participants, even if fewer people attend.

11. Can I book a course that is given in English?

If you need a course that is officially advertised as given in German to be given in English, please contact us. We will try to make that possible for you.

12. What language is the course in?

Our webinars and online courses are conducted in English. All our F2F training courses are generally conducted in German. Feel free to contact us if you need face-to-face training in English or online training in German.