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FPGA Innovation Fueled by Collaboration

Since our foundation in 1995, we have been working together confidentially with numerous renowned companies. Whether large or small, medium-sized or corporate, regional or global, we cultivate our partnerships and are pleased that so many of them have already existed for decades.

In the dynamic realm of FPGA technology, where innovation is the driving force, partnerships emerge as the catalysts for groundbreaking advancements.


PLC2’s alliance with the industry leaders AMD and ETAS stands as a testament to this transformative power of collaboration.


As AMD’s first authorized training provider worldwide and a Premier Partner in the AMD Adaptive Partner Computing Program, PLC2 not only empowers engineers with expertise but also contributes to AMD’s industry-leading solutions and collaborates on joint initiatives to advance the adoption of AMD technologies.


In the field of FPGA technology, PLC2 and ETAS join forces to drive innovation and shape the future of the automotive industry with their expertise. ETAS, a renowned global provider of tools and solutions for this sector, exclusively distributes PLC2 products in the automotive market.

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