Creating a reliable computing platform node

As part of this partner network, PLC2 positions itself as the expert and contact for the target platform “Versal” from the company AMD Xilinx.



An affordable and
effective solution
for saving energy

The objective of the research project is the development of an intelligent energy management system that adapts the operating parameters of electric motors to the actual energy demands, thereby achieving a loss reduction of up to 25% when it comes to energy consumption.

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Creating an organic
computing system for
self-driving vehicles

In the future, self-driving vehicles will have to react to any potential errors in a robust and flexible way. Because the number of different error scenarios is too large to handle with static modelling techniques, a dynamic system is needed which can proactively adapt itself and react to new and unforeseen situations.

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PLC2 Research

the future of
data together

In order to keep our finger on the technical puls of time and to be at the forefront of developments and innovations, we are involved in numerous research projects.

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