SelfAutoDoc – an Organic Computing System for Self-Driving Vehicles

Self-healing automotive driving platform powered by Organic Computing (SelfAutoDoc)


In the future, self-driving vehicles will have to react to any potential errors in a robust and flexible way. Because the number of different error scenarios is too large to handle with static modelling techniques, a dynamic system is needed which can proactively adapt itself and react to new and unforeseen situations.

Creating an organic
computing system for
self-driving vehicles.

A promising approach for this is organic computing, which uses biology-inspired algorithms to create systems which are self-configuring, self-organising, self-protecting, and self-healing.


The goal of this research project is for PLC2 and its project partners to create an organic computing system for self-driving vehicles, and to explore and evaluate it through the use of a prototype vehicle.


PLC2’s contribution to this project will be to create redundant and fault-proof networking solutions for on-chip communications. The lessons learned from this project will be translated directly over to the development of PLC2’s flagship product, the automotive data logger 1000 (ADL-1000).


The SelfAutoDOC research is funded in part by the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Protection (BMWK) as part of the »Neue Fahrzeug- und Systemtechnologien« (New Vehicle and System Technologies) programme.

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