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Sustainability is one of the greatest challenges of our time. E-mobility and a photovoltaic park on the roof, which supplies the electricity, are just a matter of course for PLC2. In addition, we are constantly working to develop new, sustainable, resource-saving technologies — so we can work to be as sustainable as possible while helping the world achieve the same.

Our Vision

We believe in a future where smart logic enables people to develop their potential in the best possible way.

In a steadily accelerating world that presents we, humans, with ever-new challenges, we at PLC2 see ourselves as a catalyst for innovation. With the help of smart processes, design, and technologies, we sustainably help shape the future in many of the most relevant areas of human life. We contribute to improving the everyday life of our and future generations.

Our product innovations promote the responsible use of our planet’s resources and our work has far-reaching effects on:


We create more
security and increase
quality of life.


We conserve
resources and
save energy.

The Economy

We help to
create new
growth markets.

Research & Development

We create the
foundations that
accelerate progress.

Our Mission

We create design and technology solutions for complex, technical issues and actively face challenges.

Through our many years of training offers, PLC2 has been able to continuously build on our expertise in FPGA development and embedded systems. Today, we operate as a respected brand around the world for highly demanding and complex developments.

As a catalyst for innovation, we actively help shape the future of tomorrow by:


Developing and delivering tailored and holistic solutions.


Meeting the growing demand for expertise in the field of smart logic and FPGA.


Always meeting obstacles with the most up-to-date knowledge.


Actively addressing problems.


Operating in an agile and flexible manner whether remote or on-site.


Bringing the best together in the form of heterogeneous teams and collaboration with industry experts from the fields of automotive, robotics and communication technology.

Our Values

At PLC2, we achieve shortening of the product development cycle, reduced risk, and an optimised system design with our team of top experts — The result is long-term profitability and competitiveness.


At PLC2, we are always on the move and have the courage to focus on the challenges of the future. Our passion for new technologies, flexible teams, and our close, long-standing partnership with AMD enable us to develop products and solutions that can change the future. Always being one step ahead and proactively driving development is our premise.


We love our area of expertise, and we love challenges. At PLC2, we tackle things head-on, strive to understand complex contexts, and find efficient solutions to problems. We not only want to harness our many years of experience and detailed knowledge in the field of programmable logic for ourselves, but also make it accessible to all those in our professional environment who are as enthusiastic about these technologies as we are.


As a pioneer in the field of programmable logic, we have been able to gather extensive knowledge and valuable experience over many years. Founded over 25 years ago as a family business and still owner-managed today, PLC2 is firmly established in the market as the world leader in high-speed embedded engineering with FPGAs. As a premium partner of AMD, we demonstrate in-depth expertise and have direct access to the latest technologies and knowledge in the field of FPGA.

Sporting Spirit

Our close collaboration with our customers, as well as our fast, flexible and custom development of products and solutions, are what allows us to shine. At PLC2, we work in agile teams with flat hierarchies. A trusting atmosphere and communication on equal terms shape our daily work together. We are not just a family business—but a family-friendly company. We value and take into account the life circumstances of each and every individual employee, as well as create space for creativity, expansion and personal development.

Understanding of Leadership


Our leaders as role models

We treat each other with respect, accept the opinions of others, and advance PLC2 through open, honest, content-driven discussions. Our leaders are experts in their fields who drive projects forward with passion and are always willing to step in and lend a hand.


Exchange on an equal footing

Whether between trainees and management or between students and department heads—flat hierarchies are part of daily life at PLC2—every day, in every meeting, and in every conversation.


Culture of open discussions

With us, there is no complex bottom-up or top-down communication in our departments. We are all professionals who discuss and decide matters as a team, with the guidance of our team leaders and the full support of everyone.


Professional opinions are welcome

We have the best of the best as employees across all disciplines and we rely on their professional opinions.


Self-reliant employees

Our employees work independently and make their own decisions. Even if mistakes happen now and then, we learn from them and move forward together.

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01. How does the application process normally work?

First, we are starting with a 30-minute get-to-know interview with our HR team or the team leader for this open position.
If you were able to convince the participants of the interview, it continues with a second 30-minute interview with the team leader (high-level technical assessment).
If you were able to convince the team leader as well, we will go on with 90 minutes technical deep dive with the team leader.
Finally, if you pass this test, there will be a 30-minute interview with the management at the end.