Accolades & Certificates

We at PLC2 want to showcase the brilliance of our employees by highlighting extraordinary achievements, certifications, and industry recognitions showcasing our dedication to innovation within the technical realm.

AMD’s No. 1 Authorized Training Provider worldwide in 2023


We are incredibly proud for the recognition on AMD’s best Authorized Training Provider worldwide in 2023!


This prestigious acknowledgment is a testament to PLC2’s commitment to delivering advanced training that empowers professional engineers to excel in the ever-evolving tech landscape.


Our adaptive training approach is designed to deliver a personalized and engaging learning experience that matches the individual’s unique needs and learning style.

AMD Yearly Outstanding Instructor Awards

The AMD instructor award brings together educators and is a platform that not only acknowledges remarkable pedagogical skills but also appreciates the ability to inspire and empower learners to reach their full potential.


In total, 122 Instructors delivered trainings in 2023 – with outstanding performances of our PLC2 trainers.

Award-winning PLC2 instructor Ernst Wehlage

1st Place  Ernst Wehlage

After graduating from university, Ernst Wehlage started in the digital development of professional video systems for the future HDTV technology. With now over 30 years of professional experience in training and application of programmable logic he has been a member of PLC2 since 2001 and is an instructor on almost all topics of PLC2 training courses.

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Award-winning PLC2 instructor Alexander Flick

2nd Place  Alexander Flick

For more than 15 years, Alexander Flick develops FPGAs ranging from logic-only design to embedded systems with application-specific extensions. Since 2020 he holds a trainer position at PLC2. His main focus is on the AMD tool chain for ARM-based programmable SoCs / MPSoCs and the new intelligent acceleration concepts coming with the AMD Vitis development tools.

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Our team’s dedication, passion, and contentment is a major factor in the contribution to a culture that fosters innovation and success. That, among others has earned us recognition and awards from various organizations and institutions.

Top Arbeitgeber

This prestigious and independent seal of quality by the DIQP recognizes the best employers who foster a positive workplace culture and employee satisfaction.

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A recognition that comes with our achievements for developing and implementing sustainable mobility solutions for our company and employees.

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The BSFZ seal represents our commitment to being a driving force in the innovation and development of cutting-edge technology, design services, consulting, and education.

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ISO 9001:2015

International standard for

Quality Management Systems (QMS)