Partnership for Excellence:

PLC2 is Top ATP in 2023



We remain committed to pushing the boundaries of adaptive training to empower learners worldwide.

This remarkable achievement crowns a long-standing partnership between AMD and PLC2, dating back to 1995.
Throughout our partnership, we have consistently delivered cutting-edge adaptive training solutions that empower professional engineers to excel in the ever-evolving technology landscape. Their personalized and engaging learning experiences have been instrumental in accelerating skill development, enhancing mastery of AMD’s technologies, and fostering a culture of continuous education within our learning community.
On this note, we want to congratulate our Training Team led by Michael Schwarz for organizing and delivering effective training programs. We also extend our appreciation to our strong line of expert instructors, such as our award-winning trainer Ernst Wehlage and Alexander Flick, who play a pivotal role in engaging with PLC2’s training community.
Thank you to AMD for their partnership and trust. Here’s to many more years of innovation and excellence in adaptive training!

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