Fractal – a Reliable Computing Platform Node

PLC2 is part of the EU research project Fractal. The aim of Fractal is to create a reliable computing platform node, realising a so-called cognitive edge under industry standards. This computing platform node will be the building block of a scalable, decentralised Internet of Things (ranging from smart low-energy computing systems to high-performance computing edge nodes).

As part of this Fractal partner network, PLC2 positions itself as the expert and contact for the target platform »Versal« from the company AMD.

The other Fractal partners are, on the one hand, trained with regard to the Versal architecture and development tools and, on the other hand, are supported in the development of FPGA circuits, software drivers and applications.


There are at least two points of interest
in the Fractal project for PLC2:


Integrating the Fractal framework into its own products, such as the data logger ADL, to make them even more attractive. This is used in the areas of artificial intelligence, the automotive sector and data centers.


To expand the range of training and services offered by PLC2 to include the topic of Fractal.


The research project FRACTAL was successfully completed in October 2023.

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