PLC2s High-Performance Products
around Data Recording, Replay, and Processing

Our mission is to deliver high-quality and high-performance logging solutions for the technology of tomorrow.

Our vision is the electrified »vision zero«, where the technology employed in the automotive and industrial markets is safe and reliable in every circumstance when it comes to protecting human life. We want to make the world a better and safer place for humans, and to protect the environment. No matter whether they are self-driving cars, industry robots or drones, nowadays systems in these domains rely on a huge amount of data that needs to be acquired before the systems can go into production.


PLC2 products are known for two essential benefits: high-speed and low power. These benefits are possible as we base our development on a broad portfolio of acceleration solutions based on AMD’s FPGA technology.


Together with electrification, based on the high demand for sustainability and the derived requirement for low power, which we add to the vision zero, our products will shape the future and are ready for it.