EEEM – an Effective Solution for Saving Energy

The objective of the research project is the development of an intelligent energy management system that adapts the operating parameters of electric motors to the actual energy demands, thereby achieving a loss reduction of up to 25 % when it comes to energy consumption.

An affordable and
effective solution
for saving energy

The central idea here behind the solution is the development of a measuring box (weight ~1 kg) that is temporarily connected to the motor in order to record and analyse individual operational aspects, such as voltage and current, during operation with a resolution of 10 kHz. With the help of novel data selection algorithms, due to the resulting energy savings and preventive damage detection, the measuring box is intended to automatically record significant time ranges and store them in a targeted manner with increased data resolution.


On the basis of these load data, a pattern can then be calculated which selectively adapts the motor voltage to the statistically expected patterns and reduces the load-independent losses, which predominate, above all, in the low-load range. In this respect, a mobile measuring box represents an affordable and effective solution for saving energy that does not currently exist on the market.

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